About our Head Instructor and Founder…

Why Marc Grenier Is Uniquely Qualified To Teach YOU Martial Arts…martial arts fredericksburg, va

  • Over 24 years experience Taekwondo
  • Over 17 years experience Mixed Martial Arts MMA
  • Believes in continued education
  • WTF/ Kukkiwon certified international 5th degree Black Belt
  • Virginia State coach
  • Member USA Taekwondo
  • Member AAU Taekwondo
  • Virginia State Taekwondo Director AAU
  • Started National Martial Arts Day in Virginia
  • Fund raiser for at risk area children
  • Multiple State Champion
  • Multiple Grand Champion
  • National Championship medallist
  • International Champion
  • Developed multiple national champions
  • Has the ability to communicate and get you to understand how to improve

“I have a true passion to help people achieve their goals.. and I’m ready to help YOU achieve yours!”

Who I am and Why You Should Listen To Me

My name is Marc Grenier, I’m the founder of Pilsung Martial Arts Academy.

You can read about some of my credentials (see above) if you’re wondering about my experience or expertise in the martial arts.
But the real reason you should listen to me is because I truly want to see you succeed.

Whatever “success” may mean for you…

Some of our students just want to get into better shape and learn to defend themselves…

Others want to win tournaments and become champion fighters…

Whatever your personal goals may be, I can help get you there. I don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach and understand that everyone has a different style of learning.

In my deep teaching experience I’ve developed ways to effectively communicate with virtually anyone and get them to understand what they need to do to improve and achieve more.

I’ve been training in Taekwondo for over 17 years now and teaching for 15 of those years but I still get the most satisfaction out of seeing new students sign up… set goals for themselves… then achieve them—oftentimes overshooting their goals and finding unexpected success.

And I want to see you achieve all your goals too!