Action Packed and Full of Games and Activities for an Incredibility Low Price.

b-day parties fredericksburg, vaThis is the best idea for a birthday party in Fredericksburg. Why search around when the best birthday party in Fredericksburg is at Pilsung Martial Arts?

The party will start off with games that anyone can do and enjoy. These games are fun and designed to warm up participants for the next activities.

Next we will learn some basic martial arts techniques. Everyone loves to learn some martial arts moves and we make it fun and easy.

We then will show everyone how to break a board. We make sure that everyone has the ability to break the board and gets to experience success building self-esteem and while having a great time. The kids also get to keep their broken board as a keepsake and love to show off their accomplishment.

We also will do some other games and contests. Some games are team based some are for personal victory. Everyone has a great time competing with their team or against their own personal record.

birthday parties fredericksburg, vaThen we eat. Definitely a favorite, everyone loves a pizza party.

Next is the gift presentation. We set up two chairs, one for the birthday person and one for the gift givers. One-by-one the gifts givers come up and have their gifts opened by the birthday person. This is a great opportunity for the gift givers to get some recognition and mom and dad can get some great pictures of everyone.

Everyone then gets a goody bag. It is full of prizes, toys, and treats. Everyone loves those.

And finally every child gets a trophy. This is a keepsake that they will love and be proud about.

  • Cost is only $119 and $3.50 per child for parties less than 15 people.
  • Cost is only $139 and $4.00 per child for parties 16 – 25 people.
  • Cost is only $159 and $4.50 per child for parties 26-35 people.
  • Larger group parties are available please call for information.

This includes: Invitations, Thank You Cards (that we will mail out), Envelopes, 2 Pizzas, Drinks, Plates, Cups, Napkins, Breaking Boards, Goody Bags, and Trophies.

Additional Pizzas are $ 12.00 each and include more drinks and such

The party is going to last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Call now to schedule your birthday party and give your child

The Best Birthday Experience Ever!